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At InvitISE, we’ll keep you connected to top talent, whenever and wherever you need it. Contact us today so we can help you find the perfect people best suited for your needs and requirements. We make sure to create the perfect fit between companies and employees so that both sides are happy in the end.

Our expertise covers various types of roles ranging from Permanent (salary), Temporary (salary)  & Contract (hourly / daily rate) resources across the UK. 

We conduct in depth interviews with our candidates and are able to offer technical & psychometric testing services to help you make informed assessments.

At InvitISE we are able to carry out a variety of referencing services to help you make informed decisions. These can include – work history, qualifications, right to work, criminal convictions, credit checks, proof of address, NI Number, Ltd company credit checks, directorship checks etc.  

We can offer you customised salary surveys & market trend analysis to help you stay ahead of your competitors and attract & retain top talent.

At InvitISE, we are able to assist you in forming a unique & successful talent strategy as you tap in to 15 years of expertise of working within the Recruitment / Talent industry. 

We can carry out specific headhunting services to help you secure the very best talent with our specialist approach. 

IR35 – InvitISE can help you carry out IR35 assessments to ensure you minimise the risk of incorrect role assessments.

Some Client & Candidate Testimonials

1 / 7

"We couldn't be more impressed with the exceptional service provided by InvitISE. Their expertise in finding the perfect candidate saved us valuable time and streamlined the entire hiring process. Their proactive approach, insightful advice on the job market, and expert negotiation skills set them apart as invaluable partners in our talent acquisition journey."

Emiliano, CTO, Market Leading Digital Agency

2 / 7

"Have used InvitISE over the past 2 years and have found the service to be targeted and based on what the core requirements are including skills, fit and personality type. All three are key for us to ensure we build the right teams with performing people."

Kunel, Head of Infrastructure. Data Media Company

3 / 7

"InvitISE has just helped me secure a new position; I am very grateful for all their help and guidance. During the process, Invitise was professional yet approachable and made an effort to take the time to ensure I was suitable for the role, answered all my questions clearly and promptly and made sure I felt comfortable at all times.
To anyone looking for a new role in the IT/Tech sector, They are a great recruitment company that will put your interests first, guiding you through the process swiftly, and I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Mike, Senior Front End Developer

4 / 7

"Highly recommended, signed up with InvitISE, they matched my skills to a perfect job of which I'm loving, thanks InvitISE"

Rob, Senior Infrastructure Engineer

5 / 7

"InvitISE placed me a few months ago in my current position. As a recent immigrant I was a bit unsure of UK hiring practices, but InvitISE coached me through it, in a highly professional way. I have interacted with many employment agents over the years and InvitISE was the most professional and service-oriented. I highly recommend them."

Walter, Head of Data

6 / 7

"InvitISE is one of the most attentive, intuitive, focused and upfront recruitment agencies, I've had the pleasure to work with. I can recommend InvitISE's services without hesitation."

Ameeta, CTO, MSP Consultancy

7 / 7

"InvitISE was great in getting my first role in the public sector. They went out of their way to ensure my skills and experience were made visible to the hiring manager. They also spent a good deal of time in smoothing the path to firstly, an interview and then right through to placement. I would recommend InvitISE"

Ergin, Procurement Manager, Local Authority / Council


Our Director, Fahim Rashid, has experience across a range of sectors and has shared this knowledge with other InvitISE employees. The result is a team of recruitment consultants who are conversant with the market and understand what makes a vacancy attractive in each sector.

As a boutique recruitment agency, agility is central to delivering a high-quality service. However, we pair this agility with foundational knowledge of an effective recruitment strategy. We will therefore consider the specificities of each client in each sector before moulding one of our “off the shelf” solutions to your needs. This involves taking account of your budget and timescales to ensure we place the right candidate, in the right position, with the right benefit package. We have explained our agile methodology below:


We start by working with you to understand your needs and competitors. This early engagement provides a foundation for our customer specific recruitment strategy. We then use tools such as Google, LinkedIn, and our CV database to create a candidate profile that reflects your competency, experience, and culture expectations.

Candidate identification/attraction

We use innovative thinking to develop a marketing strategy which includes targeted advertising on job boards and social media and engaging with our existing talent networks. Once we identify suitable candidates, we engage with them to assess their interest and attract them to the role. We achieve this by putting your employee value proposition at the forefront of our engagements, clearly indicating your strategy and the candidate’s potential role within. We supplemented this with well researched benefits such as job satisfaction assurance and flexible working.

Candidate assessment and evaluation

In additional to our standard analysis of candidates’ CVs and screening calls, we support you in your creation of a written assessment. This results in us developing an assessed candidate statement that clearly articulates the candidate meets your requirements. This helps us identify candidates with a genuine interest, understanding, and suitability for the role.

Offer, appointment, and closure

After the candidate accepts the position, we help them manage their outstanding interviews, applications and other potential offers. We then keep engaged with the candidate to provide support and guidance.

Strategy and Planning

As a business, when planning for the future, you will need to have considered your short, medium, and long-term recruitment needs into your strategy as your staff are the foundation of you organisation. InvitISE can help you form a Recruitment Strategy and Plan. Our plan seeks to improve your recruiting in 9 steps of key areas:

  1. Defining your recruitment goals – InvitISE will help you improve diversity, streamline recruitment, build a talent pipeline, reduce the time to hire
  2. Forecasting future needs to recruit – We can help you plan and budget whilst you can look to being proactive in attracting the right candidates.
  3. Defining what types of candidates, you wish to attract – InvitISE can help you create clearly defined candidate profiles
  4. Look at your EVP development: InvitISE has in-depth knowledge of local markets across the UK and can help you approach your EVP in what it is really like to work for your business to help you to attract, hire and retain candidates
  5. Looking at your Sourcing Strategy – we can help formulate a marketing strategy around advertising via print, offline & online including job boards and social media.
  6. Review your selection process – We can help you to identify how to keep candidates engaged, avoiding unnecessarily steps and administration, ensure equal opportunities & diversity is adhered to.
  7. Design & Develop an onboarding process that is efficient and successful – We can help you identify risks and ensure you have a well-equipped onboarding process
  8. Identification of Tools – InvitISE can provide you with a customised ATS, help you identify recruitment marketing platforms, onboarding software and employee engagement software.
  9. Define a budget to support your plan – we can help you define a budget to support the cost of sourcing, selection & onboarding

Project Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

InvitISE offers an end-to-end RPO solution on both short-term and on a long term-basis.

If you have a need to recruit for a specific programme of work or project, our Project RPO solution can help you achieve your goal. We consistently deliver:

  • Candidate attraction
  • Candidate screening
  • Candidate Assessment
  • Scheduling of Interviews
  • On Boarding
  • Ensuring full compliance
  • Exit Interviews

InvitISE helps you to deliver high value results in a short time.

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